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It’s no secret that top performers have been hiring coaches to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and get results for years, what many don’t know is the number of people in today’s economy hiring coaches for ALL things life and business. Simply put, the right coach is the bridge to your next destination—the fastest way to leveling up and living a congruent life of peace, power and profit.

The coaching industry is growing faster than ever because it works!


personal development

spiritual growth

leadership skills

health & wellness

work-life balance

major transition in life

marriage & family

service and ministry

professional growth

Where will you be a year from now, if you keep doing what you’re doing?

How much will it cost you in peace, power and profit?

After neglecting the call to  and sabotaging my own success year after year, I came to the realization that the longing in my heart for more, was the call to higher ground and better things— and it wasn’t going away.

In my surrender came the realization that all I needed was the right inspiration and some serious support— and the courage to step out of the boat and walk on water of course. (That’s how it felt.)

A decision to choose faith over fear is all it takes to reclaim your life and future and live out the radical truth of who you are…

By first and foremost, honoring the dreams and desires God has entrusted to you.

We’re all being called to places we’ve never been and therefore, will need to overcome some giants in order to get there. Are you willing?

I decided I was willing. And so I did.

Are you familiar with the frustration of living an incongruent life where your insides and outsides don’t match?

You know there’s more but you’re not quite sure how to get it…

As an authentic Agent of Change I provoke thought, confront complacency and inspire you to deep connection and massive action.

My promise to you is a committed partnership that results in a consistent flow of peace, power and profit. 

Here at High Powered Success you will receive the insight, impartation, inspiration and support needed to get to your desired destinations in life, business and ministry.

No one plays at the top of their game without a coach or mentor, choosing the right one is vital to your success…

-Do you know, like, and trust them?
-Have they produced the results you’re looking to get?
-Do they speak your native tongue?
-Do you sense a chemistry and authentic connection with them?

“From inertia to action. I’m putting God first in my life and checking stuff off my to do list! I doubled my income this year and I’m exercising my faith muscle more and more everyday in every way.”
Samantha Keith Life & Health Coach
“Stacey helped me get through some rough transitions in life and I trust her insight wholeheartedly.”
Jacquelyn Sabolick Co-Pastor New Creation Church
“After working with Stacey for 8 months and learning the meaning behind years of destructive behavior I was able to let go! Today I am thankful, free and empowered to pursue my dreams. Praise God!”
Donna Hahn
“I have reconnected to Christ and put my faith in Him. The fruits of the Spirit are shining through me–peace, love, joy, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, patience, gentleness, self-control. I’m more secure & confident in who I am and how to stand up for myself in difficult situations.”
Cathi Lovett
"StaceyC makes dreams come true! I've lost over 20 lbs, have greater peace and clarity, and I'm going on a mission trip which is something I've always wanted to do!"
Alida Betts Real Estate Mogul
“Since working with Stacey I’ve been on the fast track to accomplishing goals and realizing my dreams! I have the support and accountability needed to keep me focused and efficient and I’m moving forward without fear, complacency or compromise.”
Brian D'Angelo Author, Educator & Global Shift Leader
“I thought I was joining up to help guide me through launching a non-profit. Discovered I was clogged up emotionally, unable to express my heart to even write out a business proposal. This year has been like ‘Drano,’ an unclogging to display & navigate who I really am made to be. I’m thankful for your influence, passion & Godly wisdom, your insight and how you’ve poured in and drawn out of me!! You’re a gift!!!"
Gloria Crawford
“My life was dark and dreary. I was STUCK in just living life day-to-day doing “The Mundane.” Now, I dream about life! The possibilities are coming to life! I’m so excited about life and wake up knowing… it’s all planned out the way that I want it to be! I am no longer a human doing but a human being! What’s NEXT Stacey??? I’m so filled and wanting to know MORE!”
Stephanie Wilkerson
"After a year and a half of both private and group coaching with Stacey, I can say she has helped me work my way out of sabotaging cycles of anxiety, depression, overwhelm and confusion. I feel more empowered than ever and I’m seeing the positive ripple effect of my growth, on my family, health and business. I’m supported, encouraged and filled with hope as waves of life-changing revelation continue to roll in. So grateful!"
Laurie Christopherson