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Considered by many to be an authentic ‘Agent of Change,’ my work as an Author, Speaker, Coach helps you live out the truth of who you are and rock an inspired, fit-life of passion-fueled purpose.

If you’re ready to actualize prosperity (wholeness) and abundance and live authentic and free, let’s talk!  I’m here as a healer and guide to help provoke thought, confront complacency and get you through the tough stuff and onto the good stuff where you’ll experience more love and life this side of heaven.

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“Stacey brings a level of talent and understanding to her expertise that is rare. Her gifts are truly life changing and highly recommended.”  Jim Lutes and Jim Britt – Success and Empowerment legends and creators of the fastest growing book series in the world, ‘The Change’

“Stacey is an inspiration to life itself.” Tony Goodman – Skydiving Trainer Extraordinaire

“Stacey is a wonderful, down to earth, intuitive person and coach who loves people and makes you feel like her friend the first time you meet her. She meets you where you’re at and encourages you to move past the obstacles in life and see yourself as you want to be. She’s helping me associate an intense workout with positive feelings and always reminding me that working through the hard part brings me to greater levels of success. I have been working with her for 6 months and have experienced improved muscle tone, posture (I actually feel taller) and I am in touch with my lower abdominal muscles, which have felt numb to me since having 4 c-sections. I look forward to working out with her every week and the love, generosity and humility as well as the transparency she brings as a leader. I’m so grateful she is sharing her gifts of encouragement and exhortation with me.” Sincerely, Kim Garcia

Training in Righteousness

bicep_small Did you realize that you’re training your brain and your senses as well as your body unto righteousness OR NOT, every single day? What you practice is perfected. Yikes! Do you consider that good or bad?

Right or profitable ways, are the outflow of connecting with your true identity in Christ. Who you are ‘in Him’ is who you really are. Why is this important? Because what you do flows from who you are.

When you give in to cravings, negative energy, or low motivation, you’re training your brain that cravings are to be fed, negative energy justifies bad attitudes, and low motivation is an excuse not to do the right or profitable thing. The good news is that you can train your brain to associate just the opposite because all of this is in conflict to truth which is… you are a spiritual being and therefore you are to be led by your spirit not the appetites of the flesh or ego.

And how about your senses? This includes your appetite. You can train your body to crave fruits and vegetables as well as a blissful stretch or intense sweat through practice and association.  When you focus on the benefits of what you’re eating and doing, you begin to crave the delight of aligning your lifestyle with your values and you ‘choose life and blessing’ naturally. You can train your senses to the empowering bliss of congruency.

And lastly, the Bible says to discipline your body so you’re not disqualified. Just because your body is having a temper tantrum doesn’t mean you give it what it wants. Your body does not like to get uncomfortable unless it’s been trained to associate strength, euphoria and beauty with an intense workout.

Training in righteousness is to practice ‘right’ or profitable ways of living long enough to produce the fruit of right ways. When you live in God’s kingdom, under His government and operating system, you will be freed to prosper and soar on wings like eagles.

May we all grow in our desire for the things which make for peace, profit and supernatural power in every area of life!




R U Called to IMPACT?

I didn’t choose to teach elementary and college students to make money, I taught these ages to make a real difference.

“What level do you want to teach?” asked a college professor. I knew I was a teacher at heart but I didn’t have a real sense of who I was called to teach. “No idea!” I replied in exasperation. The confusion continued for months until one day I realized, “I want to make a difference and produce lasting change in the lives of others.” “I want to impact the world!”

Have you been there?

I didn’t care who I taught! I was here to ignite passion, stir up emotion, provoke thought and confront complacency. BAM!!!! Clarity is sweet!

“I will start with elementary students and their classroom teachers, then upon completion of my Master’s Degree I will teach college students.” I did exactly that, passionately, for many fulfilling years before getting married and returning home to educate my own kids with passion.

My deep desire to make a real difference in the world has never left and neither has yours. Today I work with people who know they are here for good reasons and high purposes and are courageously committed to living out the truth of who they are in order to make the change they’re here to make.

Do you…

1. …want more joy, clarity, strength, fulfillment and/or energy in your body, life, marriage, business?

2. …long to help more people?

3. …hear the voice of one calling in the wilderness, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord?”

4. …often think ‘what would it be like to have, be, go, do???’

5. …look at leaders and wonder why it’s not you leading?

6. …get all fired up about injustice, deception, or suffering in the world?

7. …know you’re gifted but often doubt yourself, your ways, thoughts or abilities?

I’m here to help you discover, develop and deliver the gift of you to the world and life the God-kind of life you’re designed and destined for. Contact me asap when you’re ready. stacey@staceyc.com

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