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I’m a life, faith, fitness and fat loss coach, as well as an international best selling author, teacher, mentor, wife and mom. I know what’s it’s like to be dazed and confused, empty, addicted, and then radically awakened unto righteousness, filled with the power of God and launched into passion-driven purpose.  I’m called to help you find your course, set sail, and run with endurance to win. My desire is to ignite your life!

I pray this site be a refuge for you and that it supply the instruction and inspiration you need in order to live with clear purpose, contagious passion, abundant health, and great power!

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Heaven’s Eleven

When you abandon yourself you become sooo unavailable for God and others that you miss out on the joy of authentically delivering the gift of you to the world. When you’re empty and needy primal instinct kicks in to lead you in doing whatever it takes to get your needs met through others without you even realizing it. The key to preventing this is to take responsibility for your health and well-being and in so doing, position yourself to give from places of overflow. Heaven’s Eleven will keep you rooted, grounded and complete in Christ, ready in season and out, to live and give:

1. Invite Light in to expose your true identity, deepest desires, limiting beliefs, hidden blocks and the hurtful ways keeping you from living out the truth of who you really are.

2. Feel and release emotion, let it move you. It’s purpose is to inform, compel and restrain you, don’t be afraid of it. Allow your feelings ample space to teach and direct you in taking massive action in life. An inability to deal with emotion or a fear of it, is the number one cause of addiction, dysfunction and unhealthy, compromised living.

3. Pray the Word over yourself, situations and others, then stay conscious and walk accordingly. The Word of God, mixed with faith, working through love, is the power to  change anything.

4. Exercise regularly to increase oxygen flow, mobility, physical fitness, hormone balance, and proper function of all the body’s processes. It keeps you ready in season and out to do the will of God and keep yourself from being disqualified. You are a triune, interconnected being incapable of operating independent; spirit, soul, body.

5. Eat fruits, vegetables, fish, turkey, chicken, nuts, beans, seeds, sprouted or ‘very’ whole grains, plant-based fats and omega3 oils to keep the body nourished and dead to cravings. Food is a tool to fuel your body no just something to eat. Inviting God into this area of your life helps you in staying conscious of profitable choices.

6. Drink water to optimize brain function, fat metabolism, energy production, digestion and all processes of the body.

7. Make love not war. Strife will stop the flow of divine life and love faster than anything I know. It opens the door to every evil work and can not be tolerated if positive change is your goal. Avoiding it by stop taking everything sooo personal! ;) To take offense is to pull the trigger. Remember that people do what they because of who they are NOT because of who you are. We fight and war because we don’t have what we want, and then when we’re ready to ask, we ask for the wrong things. Knowing what and why you need and want and asking, believing and receiving, is a sure strategy for annihilating strife and walking in love.

8. Be led by peace. Be still and know the voice behind you saying, ‘this is the way, walk in it.’ When you know Him you’ll know His voice, trust His lead, and the voice of a stranger you will not follow. If it’s not peaceable it’s not profitable. Listen hard and be led not pushed.

9. Do what you know you’re supposed to do, ya you know. There is something that you are to do today that will move you in the direction of a dream, desire, goal… dooooo iiiiiiiiit! And then you’ll see the next thing to do.

10. Think on what is true, noble, lovely, good… Because your life moves in the direction of your dominant thoughts, you are wise to direct yourself rightly and move in prosperous, profitable ways. Think in alignment with your goal.

11. Choose life and blessing in all. You’ve been given the key to life in the power to choose. Free will along with the Holy Spirit makes for some serious power! Choose to your best life!

Then be free to show up as the awesome gift you truly are wherever you go and in all you do.

Polarity Ignites Passion

passionWhen a man is in the fulness of his masculinity he is being and doing what he is designed and destined to be and do. He’s firm, established, in pursuit, and sturdy enough for a woman to lay aside her work, throw caution to the wind, and unleash her wholehearted, melt like butter, femininity. We all need to feel safe in order to feel the freedom of love and rest in the arms of another.

If a man is not connected to God and trusting him as the Source of his supply, he will carry just enough fear to keep him in his head and out of his heart (where confidence, faith and love dwell). The result is an inability to be a rock and refuge for his wife and others as God intended. The natural course of events to follow is a woman stepping into the available space that her husband isn’t filling. The workings of the family are being accomplished and all looks well and good on the outside, but breakdown is gaining speed and things are not well and good in the bedroom.

Men and women need the polar energy from one another to confidently live full out and enjoy the intimacy and power God intended in marriage. When both energies are brought into consciousness, passion ignites, fear flees, and mature love conquers and prevails.

Here’s to a truly, madly, deeply, passionate, powerful, marriage, for life (excuse all the adjectives).  :)

Live In Love ~