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I’m a life, faith, fitness and fat loss coach, as well as an international best selling author, teacher, mentor, wife and mom. I know what’s it’s like to be dazed and confused, empty, addicted, and then radically awakened unto righteousness, filled with the power of God and launched into passion-driven purpose.  I’m called to help you find your course, set sail, and run with endurance to win. My desire is to ignite your life!

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Gateways of Understanding

Allowing fear, anger, hurt, frustration, disappointment and any ‘negative’ energy to become gateways of greater and greater understanding (rather than opportunities for condemnation, depression and pity), is to align with the plan and purpose of God.

All that Satan intends for harm is used for good in God’s economy. (Genesis 50:20) This is a beautiful role of redemption that carries the potential to free us from self judgment and anxiety all day long. How many times do you find yourself tempted to get stuck in a not so good, emotional place?

‘Get wisdom’ God says. Then He follows the exhortation up with, “In all your getting, get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:5) “What’s behind the anger?” “What are you really afraid of?” “How does this incident reveal an unmet need?” “What lesson can be learned or takeaway gained?” Asking yourself questions that demand honest answers, increases your ability to understand others as well as yourself.

To acknowledge that good overcomes evil, light expels darkness, humility swallows up pride, and love annihilates fear, is to put on the mind of Christ and give no place to the devil. Invite infinite wisdom in to laugh at calamity and usher you in to higher levels of grace and glory.

Perspective shifts are empowering!

Desire is God

True desire is from God. It is literally the evidence of what you’ve ALREADY been given, the very ‘substance of things hoped for.’ (Hebrews 11:1) Desire is the fire fueling your faith!

So what is your desire? Your deep down, truest desire? Can you believe that the only reason the desire is in your heart is because it’s already been given to you? Remember when Jesus said in Mark 11:24, “When you pray, believe that you’ve received and you will have what you’ve asked.” ???

~Selah (pondering…)

Your job in manifesting your hearts desire is nothing more than identifying, asking, and aligning your life with the desire, right now. Doing everything in your power to discover, develop, deliver, nurture, nourish, refine, practice, etc., as if that ‘thing’ is already in your ‘hands’ because it is. We walk by faith and not by sight. But God is so good to give us spiritual eyes that we can trust. We can call it ‘insight’ and be confident in knowing that it’s a preview of things moving from the spiritual realm into the physical.

Your desire is like a little glory seed waiting to grow up and show forth the praises of God! That little seed grows by the word of faith, it needs truth and life, the pure water of the word to keep it growing in order to move it into the natural realm where it can bring forth fruit in season.

You want more health? Choose life by sowing to the spirit where life is produced. You want more money? Align with prosperity by tithing, giving, believing that you have an abundance for every good work, even now! Take it all by faith!  Do you want to lose weight, get fit, fall in love? Believe that you’ve received what you desire and walk in alignment with each.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He’ll give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 Your desire is like a ‘love child’ waiting to be birthed and given a life of its own.

A dream without an action plan and goals will remain an elusive dream. The end of this dream is disappointment and heartache. A dream with an action plan and goals will be achieved through discipline and consistency. It will be birthed in faith, believing, meaning;  corresponding action will accompany the belief. Because your life moves in the direction of your dominant thoughts, you will manifest your dream by giving it more and more space in your mind and heart each day as you ‘practice’ it.

Fuel your desire daily, it’s a BIG HOLY DEAL!!! And stick to your plan. And if you need help finding your desire, setting goals or mapping out a course of action, contact me right here, I’d love to help!

Here’s to more love and more life,

xo, StaceyC