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A 6 month online group program to produce more peace, power, and profit in your life.

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A year of deep connection, heightened joy, and more than ever before! This is your key to intimacy, impact and income.

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12 months of highly personalized one on one coaching to take you higher, deeper, further, faster!

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“Stacey helped me get through some rough transitions in life and I trust her insight wholeheartedly.” 

Jacquelyn Sabolick  Co-Pastor New Creation Church


Download my chapter 'From Faith to Fitness' in The Change Book 2
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“Stacey brings a level of talent and understanding to her expertise that is rare. Her gifts are truly life changing and highly recommended.”
Jim Lutes and Jim Britt Success and Empowerment experts and creators of the fastest growing Personal Development book series in the world, ‘The Change.’
“From inertia to action. I’m putting God first in my life and checking stuff off my to do list! I doubled my income this year and I’m exercising my faith muscle more and more everyday in every way.”
Samantha Keith Life & Health Coach
“Since working with Stacey I’ve been on the fast track to accomplishing goals and realizing my dreams! I have the support and accountability needed to keep me focused and efficient and I’m moving forward without fear, complacency or compromise.”
Brian D’Angelo Author, Educator & Global Shift Leader

Why You Need to Hire a Coach

You’ve got work to do, life to live, goals to achieve and objectives to meet.

You tend to lose focus and motivation.

You’re going where you’ve never been.

You don’t want to spend another year wandering in the wilderness.

You need accountability, guidance and support.

You’re ready to perform better and produce more.

Where will you be a year from now if you keep doing what you’re doing?