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I’m a life, faith, fitness and fat loss coach, as well as an international best selling author, teacher, mentor, wife and mom. I know what’s it’s like to be dazed and confused, empty, addicted, and then radically awakened unto righteousness, filled with the power of God and launched into passion-driven purpose.  I’m called to help you find your course, set sail, and run with endurance to win. My desire is to ignite your life!

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Happy New Year!!!

you rockGoing out with JOY and being led forth in peace as we bid farewell to 2014 and usher in the new with clear intention and great expectation. Now’s the time to…

1. Count blessings
2. Remember the good
3. Acknowledge the progress
4. See more
5. Define new destinations
6. Map out your course
7. Expect to see the goodness of God in the land of the living.
8. Prepare to enter in to this new year with thanksgiving and praise.

May happy fuel your world!

Polarity Ignites Passion

passionWhen a man is in the fulness of his masculinity he is being and doing what he is designed and destined to be and do. He’s firm, established, in pursuit, and sturdy enough for a woman to lay aside her work, throw caution to the wind, and unleash her wholehearted, melt you like butter, crazy sexy, world changing, feminine power. We all need to feel safe in order to feel the freedom of love and rest in the arms of another.

If a man is not connected to his Creator and spiritual Source of life and supply, he will carry just enough fear to keep him in his head and out of his heart (where confidence, faith and love dwell). The result is an inability to be a rock and refuge for his wife and others as God intended. The natural course of events to follow is a woman stepping into the available space that her husband isn’t filling. The workings of the family are being accomplished and all looks well and good on the outside, but breakdown is gaining speed and things are not well and good in the bedroom or any romantic field where trust and passion is revealed.

Men and women need the polar energy from one another to confidently live out the fullness and enjoyment of the intimacy and power God intended in marriage. When both energies are brought into consciousness, passion ignites, fear flees, and mature love conquers and prevails.

Here’s to a truly, madly, deeply… passionate, powerful marriage, for life (excuse all the adjectives),  :)

Live In Love ~