• The Door

    3 Day Immersion

Enter In…

If you know it’s time to unleash yourself by discovering and delivering the gift of you to the world, this 3 day immersion is for you.

As an intelligent, living, breathing, spiritual being, you are to be in a continual process of expansion and increase. Sedentary living and degeneration are clues that death may be looming. Not to sound morbid, it happens to the best of us.

Are there any ‘dead bones’ in your life ready for resurrection?

Maybe you’ve come to a stand still that has you feeling stuck or maybe sinking? My guess is that you’re not stuck or sinking, you’ve just stopped moving.

We stop for many reasons but the most common is that we’ve lost vision and can’t see our next step. We walk around in the dark and find ourself lost or entangled in the affairs of this world. We’re busy spinning instead of winning!

It may seem like a little thing but it gets REAL BIG REAL FAST if ignored. The bottom line is this…

We can’t conquer what we won’t confront!

As living, breathing, spiritual beings we are wired for growth, progress, increase, power, profit, meaningful contribution, faith, deep love, connection, influence, impact …everything good and glorious!

The Door is open!

It’s great and effectual! And it comes with a few adversaries! Which means you’ll need a little help from your friends to walk, run, or break-through!

Doors take us to new places and separate us from old places. Whether your current place is good or bad, you’ll need to let go of it in order to get to the next higher, better place of promise you’re destined to.

What are you seeing? Let’s go there!

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”