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Have you come to the realization that no one but you is keeping you from the things you want most in life?


Things like, living out the truth of freedom and abundance while making an authentic and meaningful difference in the world, and looking, feeling, being, and doing your absolute best…


Choosing to truly live before you die is what I call High Powered Success, and it’s waiting for those ready to exchange their good life for the God-kind of life and move…


From: cycles of disconnect, anxiety, loneliness and/or depression

To: deep connection, certainty, and loving, abiding presence

From: lack, unprofitable busy work, low motivation, organization and exhaustion

To: meaningful, profitable, fulfilling service

From: the frustration of knowing you’re called to more and not knowing how to get it

To: clarity, focus, confidence, courage. and consistent right action


I sabotaged success and stressed over meaning, men and money for years before discovering the secrets of…

• deep connection

• real purpose

• and deep abiding joy!

I wasn’t always willing to confront and conquer fear in order to faithfully SEE and KNOW the goodness of God in the land of the living.


We’re all challenged at some point in life, to activate the faith we’ve been given to be who really are and do what only we can do.

So the bottom line is this… that vision, goal, or dream you’re carrying… that desire for more…  it’s the very plan of God for your life…

And your greatest honor, privilege, and joy, as well as His glory, is for you to live it out—regardless of how big, small, audacious or insignificant it may seem.


You are worthy of pursuit, and the love and call of God on your life is relentless, unconditional and irrevocable.


You can run but you’ll never hide!


Neither of us believe in coincidences but we do believe in invitations and opportunities to arise, slay and shine ya? So it’s no accident that we’re meeting here—your invitation to be you has arrived. Will you…

• continue doing what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always had?

• change what you’re doing in order to produce a different result?

• numb and run?

• pursue, overtake, and recover all? 

As I use my faith to do the latter, I dive deep, slay big, rise high (bring heaven to earth in my own unique way), and invite you to do the same.


High Powered Success Academy is a one year committed partnership, guaranteed to keep you empowered, inspired, supported, on course, and in action!


If you’re done with the hustle and you’re ready for real Intimacy, Influence and Income THIS YEAR, apply to the High Powered Success Academy by scheduling below.


HPSA is limited to ten soul sisters ready to DIVE DEEP, SLAY BIG, RISE HIGH & BE.


PS. Those accepted before January receive a valuable gift.


Schedule a consultation to apply.