FX3 Elite Retreat

Hot coffee, an inspiring sunrise, a time of sacred silence, an energizing workout, all before breakfast at 9am. Then some insights and how tos on stress-free living and lunch with friends.

A Spirit infused, personal development session guaranteed to lead you into greater levels of freedom and abundance, some flex time to create, reflect, journal, hike, or pull up a chair, put your feet in the lake, and chat with your new besties (by now you’ve decided you love everyone). Then a little pain relieving alignment training, a blissful yoga flow, mind renewing meditation, a full body massage, and a healthy dinner on the deck prepared by a pro, just for you.

How about sitting fireside under the stars, pondering the goodness of God and the grace that empowers you to live out truth and rule and reign in life? Can you feel the power of your satisfied soul slipping into bed, your head touching down on your favorite pillow with peace that surpasses understanding, love that heals, and deep abiding joy that supernaturally strengthens? You sleep like a baby, because you can (you’ve wisely slipped away from any precious, deeply loved children for this needed getaway – ‘You’re welcome!’ I get it), and wake up refreshed and ready for another amazing day.  🙂

The FX3 Elite Retreat is a glorious time of Faith, Fitness, and Freedom BLISS for anyone seeking personal, professional, and/or spiritual growth, and all those desiring greater levels of health, wealth and happiness. You will leave rejuvenated, inspired, equipped and empowered to give, live, love, and move with joy. #glamlife #allforlove #datewithdestiny #getresults #discoverdevelopdeliveryou #youarethegift #thepower2b #yesucan #planit #roomielove #theultimatesleepover

Retreat includes:

• 3 spiritual growth sessions to conquer fear, eliminate stress and empower your life
• 2 morning spin and/or total body conditioning sessions
• 2 personal development workshops to help you live with more faith, total fitness and freedom
• 1 alignment, yoga and meditation session
• Full body massage
• Fri/Sat – breakfast and lunch
• Thurs/Fri – dinner
• 2 night stay in one of Canyon Lakes premier waterfront homes.

The Benefits of Attending:

• Greater clarity, focus and productivity
• Increased awareness and mindfulness to stop cycles of sabotage
• Reduced stress, anxiety and tension in home and body
• Strategies and action plans to look, feel and perform better
• Renewed thinking
• Teambuilding
• Improved leadership and communication skills
• Increased awareness and confidence
• Secrets to fat loss and sustained health & happiness
• Better energy motivation and connection with God, self, body, and others

Canyon Lake, CA - TBA

Prices and Registration for retreat:
$649.00/per guest for private room.
$499.00/per guest for double occupancy (1 queen bed).
$399.00/per guest for 3 in a room (1 queen bed + 1 deluxe air mattress).
$249.00/per guest for 4 in a room (1 queen bed + 2 deluxe air mattresses).
$97.00/per guest Saturday only – VIP Day
$49.00/per guest Saturday only – VIP Day (past or current coaching clients).

Please note we limit the number of guests at each retreat in order to give you the highest quality experience possible, so get your roommates together, register early and expect an unforgettable time!


Stacey's home, hospitality, and the food served, were all amazing! Her lively enthusiasm is both inspiring and motivating and I enjoyed the other ladies as well. We laughed alot, cried a little, worked out hard and ate good. I received clarity from God, a great massage, and learned about health, wellness, and myself. I cannot say enough about how worthwhile it was for me to invest in myself for that weekend.
Michelle Evans
"StaceyC makes dreams come true! I've lost over 20 lbs, have greater peace and clarity, and I'm going on a mission trip which is something I've always wanted to do!"
Alida Betts Real Estate Mogul
The FX3 Elite Retreat was really a great experience and unique because it took place in a warm, comfortable home with a peaceful lake view and beach access. And besides the unique atmosphere, the revelation of righteousness I received helped remind me that there is no condemnation in Christ so we can let go of being self-critical. I give the retreat a 5 star rating.
Nancy Ehrlich