Egypt 2 Canaan - A Guide to Lasting Change & Rich Fulfillment

E2C is a faithful companion to help you navigate life, love and faith and stay the course to your Promised Land. Let the journey begin!


Available in paperback, hard cover and e-book.

The Old Testament story of Israel’s wilderness journey serves as the perfect backdrop for E2C because it’s ours as well. If you’ve been around the same mountain a few too many times, you’re not alone.

We live in the greatest age of information and illumination of all time and yet modern day slavery is at an all time high. With answers at our fingertips and help around every corner, why is addiction, depression, self-harm, and trafficking on the rise? Why do we choose compromise and complacency that leads to stress, obesity, suffering and strife, over the love and blessing that pursues us relentlessly? We can avoid these questions and hope for the best, or answer them, and BE our best.

The truth is, we are spiritual beings in need of a spiritual source of supply. Apart from divine inspiration, impact and fulfillment remain an illusive pipe dream and we settle for short-lived success.

The soul of mankind will never be satisfied doing life in the shallows because we’re designed and destined to launch out into the deep for a net breaking catch of CRAZY AMAZING! Deep calls unto deep and will never be satisfied with less.

E2C is a forty-lesson journey that will challenge you on every front. It unveils the mysteries of sacred romance and helps you live an inspired, prosperous life.

“Egypt 2 Canaan, like it’s author, is packed with insight, inspiration and practical strategies for living a better life.
Pastor RayGene Wilson – West Coast Life Church


“The strategies presented in this book, have freed girls from the power of addiction and bondage of trafficking. Through Stacey’s inspired work, beauty has arisen from ashes.
Shannon Foresythe – Founder of Run2Rescue


“Egypt 2 Canaan is the best contemporary play on the truth and wisdom of the Bible that I’ve seen. It’s not preachy.
Katerina Cozias, Book Circle Online and Global Relations Consultant


“Stacey is by far an amazing, resourceful, powerful and highly talented woman of God. Her insights in the Word of God bring out great and magnificent ways to live a victorious life. ‘I feel like I’m having coffee and Bible study with Stacey and the Lord all at once.’
Pastor Joe and Jacquelyn Sabolick – New Creation Church 


“A brilliant collision of faith, leadership and personal development guaranteed to provoke thought, confront complacency and inspire you to action.
Nathan Jamail – Best Selling Author of The Playbook Series and Leadership Expert & Speaker

“The author has an ability to present change in an easy, understandable fashion that will create lasting changes for you. Be prepared to be challenged and changed!
Reverend Joe Morris – Traveling Minister and author of Resurrection Lifestyle


“I highly recommend this book and encourage you to experience her work. Stacey is a dynamic, driven, passionate leader who is energetically moved to accomplish great things and empowers others to do the same. She is a powerful coach, mentor, author and speaker and can help anyone transform their life to the highest level.
Shannon Jamail – Founder, Creator and Coach at Mind & Body Complete


“This book crosses generations and should be in the hands of every truth seeker.
Tracee Randall – Author of Miracle Territory

As a child, I remember staring at a flannel-gram (google it if you weren’t raised in church) in Sunday school and hearing the story of God delivering the children of Israel from Egypt. I was on the edge of my seat as the story unfolded, gripped by every detail from how God spoke to Moses from a burning bush to the epic display of His power when he parted the Red Sea. “God is The deliverer” was the take away for me. We were taught that “God was the deliverer then, and God is the deliverer now! He’s still setting people free from bondage and slavery today.”

It was much later in life when I was exposed to the rest of the story…How the children of Israel wandered in the desert for forty years and turned an eleven day trip into FOUR DECADES!! You read the story and think to yourself, how could they be so hard headed…don’t they remember what God did for them? Why don’t they put their full hope and trust in the one that delivered them? Yet, this same cycle is being repeated in the lives of countless believers in the world today.

God delivers us from the current state of “bondage” and we zip through the red sea as fast as possible only to zigzag through the desert on our own, unfulfilled and longing to be in our “promised land” but never arriving, many times, even doubting God and questioning His faithfulness.

I was so excited when I saw the title of Stacey’s new book. It’s a road map to keep you from repeating the same mistakes that mankind seems to be so “naturally” given to.

We’ve known the Cargnelutti family for many years now. We’ve been in their home and watched their children grow up into exceptional young adults. We’ve seen their personal journey unfold as they’ve made their way to the “wealthy” place God has called them to.

I know that this book not only contains holy information to affect great change in your life and get you on the path to success but there is also a spiritual impartation available from people who have stayed steady and lived lives of faith. The proof is in the fruit. It’s rare to see success in family, ministry and business on the level I see in Stacey, Hugo and their kids.

Get ready to experience lasting change and rich fulfillment as you receive revelation and understanding that will get you to YOUR promised land in life!

Michael and Sherrie Howell
Go Deep International Ministries

About the Author

As an authentic agent of change, transformational leader, and founder of High Powered Success, Stacey provokes thought, confronts complacency, and empowers you to live an inspired life of freedom and impact. Her positive energy and love for God and people is contagious! Stacey lives with her husband and three children lakeside in southern California.